Wednesday, May 07, 2008

We now know who the Democratic Nominee Will Be...

Tim Russert has pretty much pronounced Hillary Clinton's campaign dead, describing it as "very much like being on life support. Once they start removing the systems, you really have no choice".

Paging Dr. Kevorkian...

Also, Drudge reports:

CONGRESSIONAL SOURCE: Hillary having trouble finding superdelegates who will meet with her... 'No one wants to see her today'..."

Not looking too good.

But if her campaign's prognosis is terminal, apparently Hillary hasn't yet made it through the denial stage. After all, she has loaned herself 6.4 million in the past month and there are rumors of more to come. And today, Clinton is meeting supporters in West Virginia vowing to keep fighting.

Can't blame the ol' gal. After all, her husband was hailed as the comeback kid a few years back. But she just doesn't possess the slick factor of Billy Boy and moreover she can't play the saxophone. Without another constructive outlet for all her hot air, her campaign has now begun the dying process.

A word of advice to her campaign staffers... keep a good distance over the next few days. She's a really good aim with dishware.

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