Monday, October 03, 2005

Something odd about this one

Police have now identified the student who "committed suicide" outside of Oklahoma Memorial Stadium during a football game on Saturday night.

A University of Oklahoma student with "emotional difficulties" was identified Sunday as the person who apparently committed suicide near a packed football stadium using an explosive attached to his body.

The remains were believed to be those of Joel Henry Hinrichs III, according to Salvador Hernandez, special agent in charge of the FBI in Oklahoma.

University President David Boren has said the blast was an apparent suicide.

"We know that he has had what I would call emotional difficulties in the past," Boren said. "There is certainly no evidence at this point which points to any other kind of motivation other than his personal problems."

Hinrichs, 21, was killed when the explosive device detonated Saturday evening near Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, where more than 84,000 people were watching a football game between the Oklahoma Sooners and Kansas State.

No spectators were injured. The game continued without interruption, and no announcement was made until the final minutes. Spectators were kept from leaving until about 30 minutes after the blast.

Part of the student apartment complex where Hinrichs lived was evacuated after the explosion. Boren said residents would not be allowed to return until authorities knew the area was safe.

"They're going through everything with a fine-toothed comb," he said.

WorldNetDaily has more details on this story -- most notably the fact that Hinrichs had a large cache of explosives in his apartment:

Local and federal agents were carting away what was described as a huge cache of explosives from the apartment of the 21-year-old student who blew himself up outside the stadium where 84,000 watched a Sooners football game.

Joel Henry Hinrichs III, 21, a junior from Colorado Springs, Colo., died in the explosion, according to FBI officials.

Investigators believe Hinrichs detonated a bomb about 8 p.m. Saturday, just 100 yards away from the packed football stadium.

Police were overheard telling residents it would take "several trips and could take up to 24 hours" to remove it all, according to the Daily Oklahoman.

A canister trailer used for detonating or transporting potentially explosive material was being used to haul items away.

Officials said Hinrichs' motive for blowing himself up Saturday near the Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium during the second quarter of OU's game against Kansas State remains under investigation.

OU President David Boren said Hinrichs was a student "who had very, serious personal problems that led to this tragic death."

Because of what happened, Boren said, the FBI had taken over the investigation.

Boren said the student had explosives strapped to his body.

Investigators would not say whether they believe Hinrichs intended to go inside the stadium before the detonation happened.

Hmmmmmm..... me-thinks we're not getting the full story. This one is worth keeping an eye on.

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