Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Just in time for Halloween

USA Today has been caught giving the evil eye to Condi... literally. Check out this original unaltered AP photo of our Secretary of State below:

And now look at the version that appeared on USA Today's website on 10/19 to accompany an article about Ms. Rice:

Those who suspect blatant photo manipulation say "eye".

FromThePen.com, who originally broke the story, had this to say:

You guessed it. The USA Today version on the right was deliberately altered to make Condi Rice look more menacing. Notice how the whites of the eyes are highlighted to make her BLACK eyes look BLACKER and HATEFUL. The doctored photo is here on USA Today's site (they'll probably take it down with some heat). You have to look overseas here to see an unbiased version. Under the heat of protest, will USA Today apologize? Or, don't they care about racism when directed at "house Niggas" like Condi? Rathergate, OJgate, now Condigate! What will the MSM think of next?

{shudder} Does anyone remember that old Joe Walsh video for his song, "The Confessor"?

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