Monday, October 10, 2005

The Eye looks into the Hinrichs story

Vaughn Ververs of CBS News's self-appointed internal "watchblog" Public Eye has a new post which poses the question that has been asked by Michelle Malkin and many others in the blogosphere over the past several days: Why is the MSM not covering the Oct. 2 bombing in Oklahoma?

Many, Malkin included, have wondered where the MSM is on this story. As the Oklahoma Daily editorial notes, local television has covered it and a quick Google search turns up (sometimes conflicting) reports in local and regional newspapers but no major media outlets appear to have picked up the story yet. We asked CBS News national editor Bill Felling, who told us the network is looking into the story. Let’s hope so, it’s one worth airing, whatever the facts are.

I'm not sure what more they need to be "looking into" as there are already enough confirmed facts to make for a pretty intriguing story. Perhaps CBS is digging deeper in order to put together a killer report. Or perhaps, as I suspect, they are providing a pat answer to appease those who are pressing for action (kind of like when the company IT guy says "I'm right on it"). But either way it seems to me that they could just report what is known so far and continue to follow it as more information becomes available. That shouldn't be a novel concept for a news organization.

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