Friday, October 28, 2005

Death to infidels! Now here's your balloon

Sometimes it can be an interesting exercise to visit other countries and explore their cultures. Let's see what is happening in Iran today:

Ramita Navai, Tehran Correspondent for The Times, was among thousands on the streets of the Iranian capital for annual anti-Israel rallies, at which the President continued his inflammatory rhetoric.

"It's a bit like a family day out, but with cursory outbreaks of flag burning. There are picnics, street-vendors and people selling balloons... there's a kind of carnival atmosphere.

"But I walked past one stand where people were writing messages on a flag to send to Palestine. There was a girl there, she can't have been older than 5, and she had just signed her name below a message reading 'Death to Israel, death to America.'

Those whacky kids! I have a feeling the U.N. will soon issue a resolution condemning this behavior. That should put an end to all these shenanigans.

On the spot in Tehran: 'A family day-out ... with flag-burning'