Thursday, September 01, 2005

Update on DoD press conference

The Defense Department's press conference detailing their findings on Able Danger is now over and (surprise) the telltale chart has not turned up:

After doing extensive document searches and interviewing 80 people involved with the Able Danger program, DoD officials have been unable to find the chart alleged to have contained a photo of Sept. 11 hijacker Mohammed Atta, said Pat Downs, a senior policy analyst with the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence.

It was very doubtful that the smoking gun was going to be provided by the Defense Department -- but we still could hope. One thing worth noting is that the DoD did concede the possibility that the chart may have been destroyed:

There is a possibility that such a chart could have been destroyed, because during Able Danger, strict regulations about destruction of documents containing information about U.S. persons were followed, Gandy said. However, the officials found no indication that legal advice was given to anyone involved with the program to destroy documents, Chope said.

I am still convinced that at some point in the very near future a copy of that chart will surface. Curt Weldon would not be sticking his neck out unless he still had some cards up his sleeve.

DoD Discusses ‘Able Danger’ Findings

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