Friday, September 09, 2005

U.N. refusing to start the presses

The U.N. is once again doing what it does best: nothing.

THE United Nations has refused to start printing Iraq's draft constitution, yet again delaying efforts to get millions of copies to voters before a referendum on October 15.

One negotiator from the Sunni Arab minority which has been lobbying for changes to the text adopted by parliament on August 28, said non-Arab Kurdish leaders agreed to an amendment to the draft to strengthen wording on Iraq's nature as an Arab state.

Others involved were not available for comment.

"We haven't been given authority to print it," said Nicholas Haysom, a UN official in Baghdad, adding that he could not say whether the existing draft had been amended.

"From our perspective, and we are helping in printing and distribution, we are awaiting a text certified by the National Assembly. We don't expect that to happen before Sunday."

Why even go through the U.N. to get this done? Why not just give the Iraqi parliament a Dell and a LaserJet and let them have at it. Better yet a PowerMac;).

UN won't print Iraq constitution

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