Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Smells like kook spirit

FoxNews editorial writer Mike Straka penned a hilarious Grrr! column on Monday detailing his encounters with what he called the "Protestors from Hell" in Washington D.C. :

The protesters invaded Washington over the weekend.

From stem cell research advocates to Cindy Sheehan sympathizers, protesters of all shapes, sizes, colors and odors found a cause.

Unfortunately for me — since I was traveling by train — a whole lot of them originated from or passed through New York's Penn Station, and a train delay made matters worse.

A steel girder collapsed on the tracks just outside of the station, and it was just what the doctor ordered for a bunch of anxious, ready-to-protest-just-about-anything, jobless folks — err, demonstrators — who gathered with their anti-Bush cardboard signs and their 1967-era wardrobe.

As if the tie-dyed clothes weren't stereotypically Grrring enough, they just couldn't help but to break into song.

Yup. You guessed it. "All we are saying, is give peace a chance." Yeah, all I'm saying is get a grip.

A lot of these people would join a rally against Dr. Suess if "Sam I Am" actually ate his green eggs and ham earlier in the book. I'm actually surprised PETA hasn't called for a widespread burning of the popular children's tome.

Of course, the right to demonstrate against one's government is the mark of a true democracy. Unfortunately for my nasal passages and sense of smell, most of the demonstrators feel that the mark of a true democracy is the right not to bathe.

At lunch at D.C.'s Union Station with fellow FNC staffers Jason Ehrich, Andrea Macey and Alyson Donnelly, we were treated to more anti-Bush fodder from a trio of demonstrators who appeared not to have taken showers for at least three months.

What is it about protesters and poor hygiene? Maybe they double as anti-war and pro-water conservationists?

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