Tuesday, September 06, 2005

NOW fuming over Roberts nomination

As you might expect, the libs are fit to be tied over Bush's recent upgrade of John Roberts' nomination from justice to chief justice. Among those "chiefly" offended is the National Organization for Women:

"Now that Roberts' attitudes toward women have been revealed, it is an outrage and an insult to the women of this country that George W. Bush has nominated such a jurist to be Chief Justice of the United States," said National Organization for Women President Kim Gandy in a statement on Monday.

NOW insisted that President Bush must "release every document" from Roberts' previous jobs in the administrations of President Ronald Reagan and the first President Bush.

"How dare Bush nominate this candidate for the top position on the Supreme Court when his administration has deliberately concealed hundreds of thousands of pages of his writings, during a time that he was one of the top lawyers representing the people of the United States?," Gandy asked.

"If the Bush administration refuses to release these papers, we must ask ourselves what they are hiding. And the Senate must ask the same question."

NOW urged the Senate to "ask even tougher questions" of Roberts during his confirmation hearing.

"If Roberts is confirmed as chief justice, Bush will have established right-wing leadership of the Court for another 30 years -- a lifetime legacy of the Bush presidency that women and girls will have a lifetime to regret," Gandy said.

Actually, Bill Clinton did more damage to the cause of women in 8 short years than John Roberts could do in a lifetime. Oh, that's right, he was a democrat.

These folks are such hypocrites.

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