Friday, September 16, 2005

The Katrina speech aftermath

In light of what was a rather innovative and encouraging speech by President Bush Thursday night, I thought it might be interesting to bring you some of the MSM headlines from last night and today:

Mr. Big Government (Washington Post)

Disaster Costs to Swell US Deficit (San Francisco Chronicle)

Bush rhetoric evokes other Gulf (Newsday)

Despite Bush's pledge, city has mountain to climb (Chicago Sun-Times)

Bush recovery plan: Spend, then spend some more (DetNews.com)

President Seeks to Revive a Region -- and His Image (Los Angeles Times)

Viewers skeptical of Bush (CNN)

Notice that many of these headlines focus on the cost of Bush's plan. Isn't it interesting that this same president who was so roundly criticized for not digging deep enough into his pockets to help the Asian tsunami victims is now being cast as a big-government spender when it comes to Katrina?

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