Friday, September 30, 2005

Invading on the Sly

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez seems to rank second only to Kim Jong-il on the paranoia scale. The U.S. on Thursday refuted Chavez claims that they were planning to invade his country:

CARACAS, Venezuela --The United States is not planning to invade Venezuela, the U.S. ambassador to Venezuela said Thursday, disputing claims by President Hugo Chavez.

Chavez has said his government has documents showing Washington has a "Plan Balboa" to invade his oil-producing countrywide aircraft carriers and planes. He said Venezuela is preparing to repel any attack.

"No 'Plan Balboa' exists," Ambassador William Brownfield said.

What is a "Plan Balboa" you ask?

Brownfield told reporters that Spain, not the United States, had included Venezuela in a simulated military exercise titled "Operation Balboa" more than four years ago.

So it's not some covert operation involving Rocky (you know you were thinking it).