Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Getting down and dirty

As John Roberts enters his second day on the Senate hot-seat, he is expected to face tough questioning by Democrats designed to glean information about how he will decide on specific issues. As might be expected, the two sides have differing views on how Roberts should (or should not) respond:

Many Republicans used their allotted 10 minutes apiece to urge the nominee not to answer questions about legal issues that may come before the court.

But Democrats said he must satisfy them that he will safeguard the rights of women, disabled people and minorities in the voting booth and workplace. Some pressed him to recognize a constitutional right to privacy, which underpins the Supreme Court's legalization of abortion.

In other words, Democrats want an activist judge. These are all key Democrat issues and while Roberts undoubtedly respects the rights of all groups cited here, he won't necessarily respect some of the really bad legislation designed to "protect" these groups. As chief justice of the Supreme Court, the only thing that John Roberts will actually be responsible for safeguarding is the Constitution.

It also appears that the much rumored strategy of blaming Roberts for the Katrina aftermath has been officially put into play:

Lawmakers' preoccupation with the hurricane catastrophe pervaded the hearing on filling the first chief justice vacancy in nearly two decades. At least two Democrats tried to weave the storm's devastation into their arguments, saying the disproportionate impact on poor people and ethnic minorities underscores the need for a judiciary sympathetic to the nation's most vulnerable.

"We cannot continue to ignore the injustice, the inequality and the gross disparities that exist in our society," Sen. Edward Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat, the committee's most senior member, told Roberts. He said Roberts's writings on civil rights suggest there are "real and serious reasons to be deeply concerned" about the direction he would take the court and about "his commitment to equal opportunity. . . . This hearing is John Roberts's job interview with the American people."

You guys should know best. Your policies of welfare and class-warfare are the root cause of most of the problems that exist today in these areas. By the way, even mentioning Katrina in association with Judge Roberts is about as low as a Senator can get. Evidently Mr. Ted has taken upon himself the unthankful role of keeping the MoveOn and DU folks happy.

Stay tuned... more fireworks to come.

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