Monday, September 26, 2005

Dumb ol' hurricane

Every time Cindy Sheehan opens her mouth it becomes more apparent that her primary cause above all others is... Cindy Sheehan. Now, even members of the famous liberal weblog Daily Kos are growing weary of her desperate cries for attention. In a post from Saturday -- the day of her much-hyped anti-war march in Washington D.C. -- Sheehan pouted about how that little storm in Texas was stealing her thunder:

rita (3.33 / 3)

i am watching cnn and it is 100 percent rita...even though it is a little wind and a little rain...it is bad, but there are other things going on in this country today...and in the world!!!!

by CindySheehan on Sat Sep 24th, 2005 at 06:29:15 PDT

A resident of Southeast Texas took exception to this:

Shame (3.20 / 5)

it is 100 percent rita...even though it is a little wind and a little rain

I'm in Southeast Texas with family on the coast and in Lake Jackson, LA.

I'd like you to tell us it's just a little wind and rain. They've lost their homes, jobs and businesses and gone through fear and panic while you bask in your fan's adulation, party with your celebrity friends and play the star.

Shame on you, you're jealous of media coverage of other's suffering. You've become a caricature and I no longer support you. I'm ashamed I ever did.

by hibsnet on Sat Sep 24th, 2005 at 18:19:40 PDT

To which Sheehan sheepishly apologized:

i am sorry (2.75 / 4)

when i was watching cnn this morning, that's what it was...i know it was much worse earlier and it was devastating, i didn't make myself clear and i apologize.

i also know that the media will cover anything else besides the war.

by CindySheehan on Sat Sep 24th, 2005 at 20:08:28 PDT

But hibsnet wasn't buying it:

Before today I would have just believed you, but.. (3.00 / 7)

Cindy, these posts have time stamps.

when i was watching cnn this morning, that's what it was

Four hours before your post, the eye hit just east of Port Arthur and west of Lake Charles. Between then and two hours after your post, hurricane force winds were tearing through Beaumont and Orange, TX and all through Vermillion Parrish, LA..

Imagine, if you can, what was happening to those poor people while you were watching tv and getting upset about them covering "a little wind and a little rain" rather than your special day.

it was devastating earlier

And during. And after.

You might also realize that the people in a hurricane's wake don't suddenly get happy and whole an hour after the eye passes over. It's still not a little wind and a little rain to them. Do you know they are still very afraid down there - right now, Cindy, trying to find 1,000 people lost in Vermillion as I type..

You can find the story now on CNN's website. I'm very sorry, it's slightly above the story about you - that's just so unfair too isn't it.

i also know that the media will cover anything else besides the war.

Well Joan Baez sang for you today, and you got your smiling-happy picture taken with Jesse Jackson today, and your story is still front page on CNN.com today. So it was a very good day. Yes it was a beautiful day for Cindy wasn't it?

Except for a little wind and a little rain earlier.

by hibsnet on Sun Sep 25th, 2005 at 01:24:13 PDT

After hibsnet was finished with her, the rest of the ants piled on and proceeded to rip her to shreds.

Give it a rest. (2.50 / 8)

Sorry Cindy, but I must say that the suffering in Texas right now is quite pertinent. In fact, at a time when we have people suffering, left homeless and devastated from "a little wind and a little rain," I think you can take a break from the camera just for a moment.


by Rationality on Sun Sep 25th, 2005 at 06:38:51 PDT
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Loss of focus and purpose (2.66 / 6)

I have been a staunch supporter of the Anti-War movement, but when you make statements like these, you lose the credibility and support of most rational people.

Peoples lives are being destroyed and in many case ended by Rita and Katrina before it. You of all people should understand this! Every life is important, that has been your argument!

If I brushed off Iraq "just a bit of unrest." I would rightfully be troll rated and shunned. Don't fall into the trap of thinking your suffering is more important than someone else's. We are all Americans, and everytime we suffer, be it in Iraq or on the Gulf coast, it is important.

by hackeynut on Sun Sep 25th, 2005 at 07:13:43 PDT
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rita (2.85 / 7)

That is damn stupid. The death toll from these hurricanes is still rising, and you really think the Iraq war doesn't get covered? What a selfish woman! I'd be downright ashamed to read anything else you have to say from here on in.

by abuali on Sun Sep 25th, 2005 at 06:54:59 PDT
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Casey re enlisted (none / 1)

I'm beginning to doubt Cindy Sheehan's veracity. It is about HER not Bush, or his war.

by tar heel on Sun Sep 25th, 2005 at 15:18:11 PDT
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I have to sadly agree :( (none / 0)

I'm originally from Beaumont, birthplace of the greatest guitar player to ever live -- Mr. Johnny Winter! My family moved to Dallas and I've been living in Canada since I married a Canadian a few years ago. It has been a nightmare for me to not be able to get news on family members who still live in and around Beaumont. They evacuated and are safe. One of my uncles was allowed back in yesterday. Two of my cousins are not.

I felt a lot of sorrow for your loss, Ms Sheehan, and I hate this war every bit as much as you (allegedly) do -- but other people suffer, too. If I had lost family in this hurricane, my pain and sorrow and anguish would have been every bit as great as yours. I wouldn't turn around and say, "Oh, that little war in Iraq. Why are they talking about it when I lost family in Rita?"

I'm very disappointed. The right-wing media has painted you as a self-centered, self-absorbed woman and you're living up to that image. Stop making terrible, insensitive comments like this, PLEASE! You are not the only person in the world who is hurting right now.

I have been visiting Kos for months and this is my first post here. Your comments made me angry enough to stop being anonymous and SAY something. Your comments are not helping ANYONE!

by oglethorpe on Mon Sep 26th, 2005 at 07:00:41 PDT

Ouch! Get out the Neosporin.

As you can see, the illusion of the docile grieving mom is quickly disintegrating and Sheehan is finally being seen for the self-absorbed, publicity addict she is. Fame can be a fickle thing, can't it Cindy?

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