Thursday, September 08, 2005

Activism gone amuck

In a post from Sept. 5 on this blog titled "America's first political hurricane", I closed with the following prediction:

"Also don't be surprised when some of the same leftist groups that organized the Sheehan protests start whispering in the ears of some of the families of the hurricane victims."

{sigh} Read on:

(CNSNews.com) - A few hurricane Katrina evacuees are coming to Washington on Thursday to tell President Bush his administration let them down.

In a formula that worked well for anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan, the evacuees and liberal activists will request a meeting with President Bush to "demand accountability" and to ask why federal funding was cut for levee maintenance.

The protest is being organized by MoveOn.org's political action branch, while MoveOn.org's "civil action" branch continues to match evacuees who need housing with people who have extra rooms and beds.

In a press release announcing Thursday's protest, MoveOn.org said hurricane evacuees will tell President Bush to "stop blaming local officials for his mistakes and acknowledge that budget cuts and indifference by his administration led to the disaster in New Orleans and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast."

My intention here is not to brag. I just want to demonstrate how predictable the left has become in their desperation. What these groups fail to grasp is that the Cindy Sheehan protests have not worked. In spite of wall-to-wall coverage by the media, nobody has had their opinion swayed one way or the other. If this is all the moonbats have in their arsenal then the future looks pretty good for my side.

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