Monday, August 01, 2005

What's it gonna take to make these guys happy?

From USA Today:

JERUSALEM (AP) Israel will launch a massive ground operation if Palestinian militants fire on Israeli soldiers and settlers during next month's Gaza pullout, the deputy defense minister said Sunday.
In such a scenario, the evacuation of settlers would be halted for 10-14 days while Israeli forces occupy Palestinian towns near the Jewish settlements, Zeev Boim said.

Israel is set to evacuate all 21 Gaza Strip settlements and four more in the West Bank in mid-August. The pullout is set to last four weeks.

Maybe I'm a little confused, but isn't the Gaza withdrawal what the militants have been clamoring for all this time? Why kick the settlers while they're down? Well... if I were to wager a guess I would say it is because a pullout is not and was never what the militants actually wanted after all. What they really want is for all Jews to be pushed into the Red Sea and exterminated as a race. And since for some inexplicable reason that stipulation didn't make it's way onto the recent agreement, these guys are still...well... unhappy. Either that or they are just mad at the fact that they might have to find real jobs now.