Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Watergate icon speaks to Aspen audience

Journalist Bob Woodward, famous for helping to uncover the Watergate scandal that brought down Nixon in the 70's, spoke to a packed crowd at Paepcke Auditorium Tuesday night as part of the Aspen Institute McCloskey Speaker Series. As the Aspen Times reports, in some ways the speech was notable for what he left out of it:

Not once did he mention Mark Felt, the former FBI assistant director nicknamed "Deep Throat" who was Woodward's key anonymous source in uncovering the Watergate scandal.

"Yeah, but what has he done for me lately?"

He went on to give his audience numerous {yawn} anecdotes about his experiences as a journalist:

Interviewing President George W. Bush for his book "Plan of Attack" was "not typical," said Woodward, who is assistant managing editor at the Washington Post. Answering 500 questions, the president was very direct and used weighty words like "duty" and "zeal" to describe "liberating people." Woodward spoke of Bush's intense belief that what he is doing is right and how overcoming obstacles made him even more determined.

"It was almost a mind trip on how he looks at things and what he values," Woodward said.

Yes, convictions really do seem to throw you guys for a loop, don't they?

Woodward's half-hour talk, punctuated several times by well-received jokes, was followed by 11 questions from the audience. He theorized that Hillary Clinton would earn the Democratic nomination in 2008 and would run against Dick Cheney,[...]

Cheney? Don't get me wrong, he is qualified and has all the makings of an excellent President. However with his health problems I'm not sure his heart would be in it. My money's going on Condi.

Woodward went on to wax philosophical on a number of other issues, but I won't highlight them here for fear of losing consciousness.

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