Tuesday, August 09, 2005

U.N. to Iran: Please stop making those nukes

USA Today reports that the U.N. is alarmed by recent activity in Iran:

The U.N. nuclear watchdog agency held an emergency meeting Tuesday to assess Iran's resumption of uranium conversion, while an Iranian dissident said Tehran has manufactured about 4,000 centrifuges capable of enriching uranium to weapons grade.

Okay, so now we have established that the U.N. is hot on the case. It only takes a few short paragraphs to find what we expect to find in this article -- the typical U.N. solution:

Meanwhile, diplomats in Vienna said the IAEA's board of governors was likely to issue a resolution by Thursday urging Tehran to again suspend its nuclear activities.

Got that, mullahs? You have until Thursday before the U.N. unleashes it's most potent weapon on you -- a piece of paper. They're shaking in their turbans.

Now whenever you're ready United Nations, the number to call is 1-800-USA-RULES.

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