Monday, August 29, 2005

That elusive chart...

From all appearances, we are getting ever closer to the smoking gun in the Able Danger controversy. According to NewsMax, we now have video of the missing chart which identified 9/11 leader, Mohamed Atta. Appropriately enough, the chart is seen in a speech given by Rep. Curt Weldon in May, 2002 on data fusion techniques:

"This is the unclassified chart that was done by the Special Forces Command briefing center one year before 9/11," he explains. "It is the complete architecture of al Qaeda and pan-Islamic extremism. It gives all the linkages. It gives all the capabilities. . . ."

Though Weldon never mentions Able Danger or Atta by name - and the video never zooms in on the chart to the point where Atta's photo is identifiable - it's clear from Weldon comments that the chart is the same one currently being sought.

So where is this copy of the chart now? Has Weldon misplaced it? I suspect not. Knowing the congressman's penchant for drama I think he may simply be waiting for the appropriate time to unveil it again -- perhaps during future congressional hearings.

If not then we can always ask Stephen Hadley for his copy:

Since the Able Danger story broke three weeks ago, the Pennsylvania Republican has repeatedly insisted that he gave a copy of the chart shortly after the 9/11 attacks to then-Deputy National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley.

In the 2002 speech, Weldon told the same story in greater detail, standing beside a copy of what he said he gave Hadley.

"I went to the White House. I don't mean to embarrass this guy cause he's a good friend of mine. But I took a mini version of this chart in Nov. [2001] and I turned it over to him - Steve Hadley, who works directly for [then-National Security Advisor] Condi Rice."

Weldon said Hadley was stunned after viewing the Al Qaeda-Atta document.

"This is unbelievable - where'd you get this?" he wanted to know.

After being told that the chart was prepared by military intelligence a year before the 9/11 attacks, Hadley said, according to Weldon, "I've got to show this to the man" - apparently referring to President Bush.

This is getting interesting, folks.

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