Friday, August 26, 2005

Terrorists may be targeting Asia

CNSNews tells us that countries in Asia are now being warned about a possible al Qaeda attack on a major city in that region:

(CNSNews.com) - The al Qaeda terrorist network may be planning a terrorist attack in a major city in Asia as a bid to undermine investor confidence and cause serious economic damage, one of Europe's leading terrorist investigators has warned.

French anti-terrorist judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere told Britain's Financial Times there was information indicating that Japan and other countries in the region may be targets.

"We are somewhat neglecting the capacity or desire of the al Qaeda organization to destabilize the south-east Asia region," he said. "An attack on this country [Japan] would have a very serious effect.

"They know the economic reality well," he said of al Qaeda.

"Any attack on a financial market like Japan would mechanically have an important economic impact on the confidence of investors. Other countries in this region, such as Singapore and Australia, are also potential targets."