Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tears falling to the left

Andrew Walden from Moonbat Central has some interesting info on Cindy "see me grieving and be sure to get my good side" Sheehan. In addition to the contradictory accounts of her first meeting with President Bush, it turns out that Mrs. Sheehan is affiliated with the leftist anti-war group Solano Peace and Justice:

"One other piece of news I need to pass along to you comes from Cindy Sheehan. Both she and her husband Pat have ‘done time’ on our vigil line in the past and many of you have gotten the chance to meet them. Well, she has been BUSY this past several months. Boy, has she been busy. Speaking engagements all across this country of ours … bringing her story to as wide an audience as she can manage. But a wider audience is needed.

Thank God for the blogosphere:

Bush-Bashing Mother Longtime Leftist

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