Monday, August 01, 2005

Stronger winds or just another windbag?

A scientist claims he has data that links the recent trend of more powerful hurricanes to...you guessed it...global warming. According to The Seattle Times, scientist Kerry Emanuel has studied five decades of data (wow, that's practically ancient!) and noticed that the accumulated power of hurricanes has spiked in the last 10 years.

"The large upswing in the last decade is unprecedented and probably reflects the effect of global warming," Emanuel wrote in a study that is to be published Thursday in the journal Nature. Copies of the article were made available yesterday.

Probably, huh. That sounds pretty scientific to me. Interestingly, NOAA scientists such as Chris Landsea have also noticed this spike and what's more they have a name for it -- a cycle!

Landsea said the 1995-04 spike in accumulated hurricane power correlated precisely with the beginning of the period of increased hurricane formation.

"It's very difficult to separate out what's caused by this natural cycle of activity versus man-made warming," Landsea said.

But hey, why let that stop you? In fact, Mr. Emmanuel, you have inspired me. I have submitted my own study that looks at the big spike in environmental junk science over the past decade and finds a link between that and an increase in anti-capitalist, leftist kooks! The journal Nature has not yet gotten back to me.