Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Strange circumstances surround Cypriot crash

When presented with news of a major airplane crash, most of us try not to be too hasty with our conclusions. But in these uncertain times, that "T" word always hangs in the back or our minds as we observe the ensuing investigation. In that vein, Debka.com brings us an interesting article on the many oddities of the recent Cypriot plane crash in Greece:

Why was no lunch served aboard Helios airliner before it crashed? At what point were crew and passengers overcome?

This is one of the key questions asked by investigators led by Akrivos Tsolakis of the transport ministry in Athens into the causes of the Cypriot plane's crash north of Athens en route from Larnaca to Prague. Cyprus and Greece are observing three days of mourning for the 121 victims who died in the disaster.

Another question relates to the two mystery people reportedly observed in the cockpit at moment of the communications break-off between the airliner and Larnaca control tower early in the fatal flight. Were they passengers trying to save the plane after the pilots were incapacitated? Or possibly hijackers making sure the plane would not survive the flight?

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