Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Strange bedfellows

Well, I never thought I would ever agree with Maxine Waters on an issue, but I guess stranger things have happened (like the time I found myself actually enjoying a Meryl Streep movie). I speak of an article in USA Today detailing new measures being taken by Congress and a handful of state governments to curb potential abuse of our eminent domain laws. Alabama today will become the latest state to sign a law that "prohibits the state, cities and counties from taking private property for retail, office, commercial, industrial or residential development."

Senator Jack Biddle, a sponsor of the new Alabama law, puts it aptly:

"We don't like anybody messing with our dogs, our guns, our hunting rights or trying to take property from us,"

Spoken like a true red-blooded American Southern man. Delaware and at least 8 other states are also considering such legislation.

On the federal level, Rep. Maxine Waters has also jumped on board:

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., a liberal who rarely supports Republican bills, has signed onto two GOP bills and proposed two of her own. "The people who get hurt are the many poor people and working people who don't think they can fight City Hall," she said.

Even more shocking than Maxine joining hands with Republicans is USA today actually using the word liberal to describe the congresswoman. Fire that reporter! But hey, we'll take support wherever we can get it after the Supreme Court supremely dropped the ball on this issue.