Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Stay the course

Foxnews asked it's readers if the US should "stay the course" in Iraq and got some very interesting responses from active and retired U.S. military personnel. The first respondent in particular does an excellent job of explaining the situation:

"I think I can honestly give this the attention it deserves. I feel that we should stay the course and finish what we started. I know the American people might not agree, due to the violence and loss of life, but America has backed down from terrorism for long enough and it's time to show every country that we will not back down, leave something unfinished, or tolerate it anymore. The only way to deal with terrorists is to kill them, arrest them and let the court deal with them, or keep them running and hiding. If the troops were to pull out now it would only boost the confidence of the insurgents and destroy everything the fallen soldiers have fought for thus far. I see it every day on Iraqis faces, their happiness to be free. I have spoken to several locals and they all are appreciative of our efforts. I only hope that President Bush stands his ground, since no one else has in the past against terrorism, and that he finishes the job, no matter how long it takes. If the media would portray the whole picture here, not just the death and violence, then the American public would be better informed and less in a haste to bring the troops home. Only a fair and balanced view should be shown from Iraq, not a one-sided one." — Andy (Scout Medic, Camp Bernstein, Iraq)

That is everything we need to know about this war in a nutshell. Of course, not all of the responses were in the same vein as this one. Some were more pessimistic and at least one was anti-Bush. But the majority of them did agree that we need to stay the course and there seems to be a general consensus that the media, politicians and bureaucrats are the primary problem:

"What we need to stop doing is playing politics in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East and do what needs to be done to stabilize the region. This war could quickly become like Vietnam if we let the bureaucrats and power seekers dictate policy. The lesson from the Vietnam War is that you cannot play by 'rules' and expect to win the conflict. I say quit playing around and get into those areas where we know we have enemies and crush them." — Katie (U.S. Army, Iraq)

For the other responses:

America's Military Personnel Speak Out!

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