Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Robertsongate: day 3

The mainstream media is mad at us for not caring about the Pat Robertson story. So they are going to keep shoving it in front of our faces until us stupid people understand its importance:

Televangelist Pat Robertson's call for the assassination of leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez provoked a storm of criticism yesterday, triggering condemnation from fellow religious leaders and international outrage, while the Bush administration said he was a "private citizen" whose remarks were "inappropriate."

The "fellow religious leaders" are actually the usual gaggle of pseudo-religious liberals: the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Americans United for Separation of Church and State executive director Barry Lynn, and National Council of Churches general secretary Bob Edgar. Much to the MSM's dismay we don't yet have condemnatory remarks from such notable right-wing "zealots" as James Dobson, Charles Stanley, or D. James Kennedy.

So why is the media so interested in this story? One simple paragraph explains it all:

A pioneer of the nation's evangelical political movement, Robertson is the founder of the Christian Coalition of America and was a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 1988. Hundreds of thousands of his conservative Christian fans tune in to his "700 Club" television show daily.

You see, for the MSM Pat Robertson represents the disgustingly powerful religious right -- the people responsible for the "Republican Revolution" of the 90's and more recently the 2004 election outcome. The objective here is to polarize and weaken the Christian conservative movement by publicly flogging one if it's icons. Perhaps, they hope, some of us will be ashamed and MAYBE...just maybe... some of us will even pick up a whip and join in. But it's not happening and they are angry. And they are determined to give this story legs even if they have to graft those legs on themselves.