Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Roberts smear campaign begins

It is just two weeks before the beginning of the John Roberts Supreme Court confirmation hearings -- and as expected the moonbats have begun locking their radars on the conservative judge:

WASHINGTON -- An influential liberal group yesterday announced its opposition to Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr., as Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee hinted at lines of attack two weeks in advance of confirmation hearings on his nomination.

People for the American Way, which led fights against the Supreme Court nominations of Robert H. Bork and Clarence Thomas, released a 50-page report detailing conservative stands that Roberts took as a legal aide in the Reagan White House and as a federal appeals judge since 2003. Positions espoused by Roberts suggest that he would seek to undermine laws passed to promote civil rights, access to courts, and equality for women, minorities, and people with disabilities, said Ralph G. Neas, the group's president.

''Confirming John Roberts would endanger much of the progress made by the nation in civil rights over the past half-century," Neas said at a news conference where he announced his group's decision to oppose Roberts. ''John Roberts devoted himself to finding problems with solutions, not to finding solutions to problems."

That John Roberts had opinions on landmark cases in the 80's is no secret to anyone. However to assume that he is going to single-handedly turn civil rights on it's ear is fantasy bordering on paranoia. In their tireless efforts to paint a him as an extremist, these groups will only succeed in showing the world just how far on the fringe they are.

Speaking of fringe...

Also yesterday, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, a leading moderate Democrat, vowed to press Roberts on whether he believes in a constitutional right to privacy, the underpinning for the Roe v. Wade court decision that established a right to abortion in 1973.

Roberts's record suggests that he is skeptical of the right to privacy, though he may sidestep questions in hearings so as not to be seen as prejudging cases. As the only woman on the 18-member Senate Judiciary Committee, Feinstein said she has a ''role to play in representing the views and concerns of 145 million American women during this hearing

Senator Feinstein is harboring some serious delusions here. To claim that she, being the only woman on the Committee, represents by fiat the views of 100% of American women is the height of arrogance. In spite of the Boston Globe's effort to qualify Feinstein's remarks by labeling her a "moderate Democrat", anyone who has observed her record over the years knows that she is just a little to the right of Barbara Boxer in her feminist views.

But Roberts was not without his supporters today:

In a bid to combat liberals' contention that Roberts is hostile to women's rights, a group of prominent female Republicans held a ''Women for Roberts" event a few rooms down from Neas's announcement at the National Press Club.

Wendy Long, chief counsel for the Judicial Confirmation Network, a broad coalition formed to support Roberts, said liberals are engaging in a ''fear and sneer" campaign that distorts Roberts's record on a few key issues. Women want a solid and impartial judge far more than they care about any specific issue, she said.

''It's about the quality of a judge and how he's going to interpret the Constitution," Long said, charging that the opposition's campaign is ''a sham."

Exactly right. And that is what has the libs in such hysterics. The real fear that the left has of Judge Roberts is not that he won't interpret the Constitution but that he will. Many of the landmark decisions that they hold dear, Roe v. Wade being chief among them, are the result of crass misinterpretations of a document they were sworn to defend.

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