Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Problems for New Orleans far from over

Katrina continues to be the big story as the casualties mount and floodwaters continue to rise in New Orleans. We will not have an accurate death count for several more days but as it stands it will likely be in the hundreds. Most of the city is now underwater and now those people that remain are facing new problems:

The flooding in New Orleans grew worse by the minute Wednesday, prompting Gov. Kathleen Blanco to say that everyone still in the city, now huddled in the Superdome and other rescue centers, needs to leave. She said she wanted the Superdome evacuated within two days as the broken levees continued to allow water to gush into the Big Easy, but it was still unclear where the people would go.

The air conditioning inside the Superdome was out, the toilets were broken, and tempers were rising in the sweltering heat.

"We have a huge problem and until we have that breach under control, we will continue to have a problem," Blanco told FOX News early Wednesday morning.

"One of the reasons we're asking people to leave is it's getting more and more difficult to get things like water and basic things to them... it's just a very trying time for everybody. We're trying to minimize the impact. We've got to vacate the people out of the Superdome today and tomorrow -- that's about 20,000 people that need to be moved."

So long as the water continues to flow into New Orleans at the current pace, Blanco added, "you can't get it under control easily -- it's a logistical nightmare."

What a horrible situation. Even with the dire predictions being put forth on Sunday, I'm not sure many of us were prepared for the sheer devestation Katrina would leave in it's wake.

The one ray of light will come in the form of a nation pulling together to do what they do best -- help out. With the selfless efforts of military and rescue workers as well as civilians digging into their own pockets and cupboards, Americans will once again show what they are made of.