Tuesday, August 23, 2005

No taxpayer left behind

Connecticut Attorney general Richard Blumenthal announced his plans to sue the Federal government yesterday over what he considers an unfunded mandate for an annual school testing program under Bush's No Child Left Behind program:

Connecticut sued the federal government yesterday, accusing the Bush administration of being "rigid, arbitrary and capricious" in the enforcement of its signature education law and seeking relief from a requirement that it scrap its own testing program in favor of one the state says will not help children but will cost millions.

The suit, the first by a state to challenge Mr. Bush's No Child Left Behind law, argues that Connecticut is not being adequately reimbursed for the cost of expanding to annual testing from its current schedule of every other year.

Officials said that and other provisions of the law would force Connecticut to spend $50 million of its own money in coming years. The law specifically bans the federal government from imposing mandates without financing them.

Here's a dirty little secret -- NO mandate is actually funded by the federal government. The taxpayer foots the bill either way.