Monday, August 08, 2005

New tactic likely in Alaska oil-drilling fight

As the President signs the new energy bill today, many of you may be wondering what the heck happened to the whole ANWR thing. It turns out that Republicans intentionally left this provision out of this bill because it would most certainly have resulted in a filibuster. However, there is another sinister plan up the GOP's sleeve which will be unveiled in September according to Republican Senator Pete Domenici:

Domenici said he will include a provision authorizing ANWR drilling as part of the budget process. Unlike other legislation, budget bills are not subject to filibuster, so only 51 votes would be needed in the Senate for the ANWR provision to clear Congress and be signed into law.

Just such a tactic was used a decade ago when Congress approved ANWR drilling as part of the budget process, only to see the measure vetoed by President Clinton.

But now there's a new sheriff in town. And he's gunning for less dependency on Arabian oil. So buck up animal lovers, and take comfort in the fact that Alaskan caribou will soon have a nice warm pipeline to snuggle up to.

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