Sunday, August 07, 2005

Netanyahu resigns from Cabinet post

Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resigned from the Cabinet on Sunday minutes before it approved the Gaza withdrawal plan. From CNN:
At a news conference after the Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu, a member of Sharon's ruling Likud party, said he could not be a part of the prime minister's plan.

"We can see in Gaza ... an Islamic terror base being established," he said.

"Hamas is getting stronger all the time. It is getting stronger and it is taking credit for what looks like Israel fleeing under terror."

The pullout will make Israel less, not more, secure, he said, adding that the idea of disengagement has been tried and failed before, "and it will fail again."

He's right of course. Appeasing folks who want to push your people into the Red Sea is not the wisest of strategies. We're about to witness some bumpy roads on this roadmap.

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