Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Libs shaking their fists at the Angels

Some of my most vivid memories as a youngster were of watching the Blue Angels perform whenever they came to my home state. My spirits would soar along with those Navy jets as they performed their awesome synchronized maneuvers with hairpin precision. I'm sure that anyone who has ever seen their show has experienced the same awe that I did.

Well... almost anyone. Now a leftist group has decided they are actually offended by the Blue Angels. So offended, in fact that they intend to stage a protest at one of their upcoming airshows at Brunswick Naval Air Station in Maine.

But that's not the kicker. As an added bonus they have managed to recruit none other than leftist muppet and media darling Cindy Sheehan to participate in the demonstration:

Sheehan, who gained national attention by staging a vigil outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, canceled a trip to Italy to participate in a Sept. 10 rally outside the main gate at the Brunswick base, according to her spokeswoman, Jessica Smith.

The mother of a soldier killed in Iraq, Sheehan is scheduled to join a group of local war protestors who will march to the rally site from the Brunswick Mall.

Bruce Gagnon of Brunswick, who is organizing the rally for Veterans for Peace, said it's fitting for someone like Sheehan to come to Brunswick and for the group to stage a protest to "stop the worship of the gods of war."

Whatta buncha hippie-babble. Which is precisely why I hope Sheehan goes through with it. It will not only demonstrate that her cause stretches well beyond that of her son, it will also show just how far out of the mainstream she actually is. With some 200,000 people expected to attend the airshow, Cindy's crowd of dozens will be lucky to register a blip on the screen.

Incidentally, Cindy and her "Veterinarians for Peas" have inspired me to highlight the Blue Angels in tomorrow's "Patriotic Post of the Day". Watch for it!

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