Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Leahy fires the first scud at Roberts

Sen. Patrick Leahy is taking the gloves off in the John Roberts Supreme Court battle. The recently released Reagan Library documents have become his new smoking gun proving what he suspected all along -- Roberts has opinions:

Firing his broadside one day after the release of 5,000 pages of Reagan-era records, Leahy said Roberts' views were "among the most radical being offered by a cadre intent on reversing decades of policies on civil rights, voting rights, women's rights, privacy and access to justice."

Aaah, so Roberts has been upgraded to radical now, eh? Keep it up Leahy. But I warn you that you might as well be throwing stones at Mount Rushmore -- you won't do any damage and you'll look pretty foolish when all is done.

Leahy's declaration came in advance of what is likely to be a string of announcements from groups going on the record opposing Roberts' confirmation.

Ralph Neas, president of People For The American Way, declined to comment on his own organization's plans Tuesday, but said a "significant number of progressive organizations will soon be coming out against the Roberts nomination."

Bring it on, guys. NARAL has some rope that you can borrow.

So just what is it about this Roberts guy that is bringing all of the kooks out of the crevices? In a word, the guy is nice -- Pat Boone nice. He's the Ned Flanders to the libs' Homer Simpson. He possesses those qualities that to the left are like fingernails on a chalkboard -- respect for God, respect for life, regard for Constitutional law, disdain for the influence of pop-culture.

To the libs, putting such a strick moralist in SCOTUS would set the Judiciary back 40 years.

Hmmmmm..... strangely this works for me....