Friday, August 19, 2005

If only they made this much sense over here

Many of us have observed with frustration the continuous stream of one-sided terrorist-friendly commentary coming out of the Arab media. Well, one Saudi journalist joins the growing ranks of Muslim men who have bravely chosen to buck the trend and speak out against the poisonous dogma that is radical Islam:

Not everyone in the Arab world praises Osama Bin Laden and terror groups as heroes. Indeed, some Arabs have issued scathing attacks on radical Islamic groups and they manner in which they interpret Islam.

The criticism leveled at extremists by Saudi journalist Muhammad al al-Sheikh, however, is unusual in its harshness. In two pieces published in Saudi newspaper al-Jazeera, and presented courtesy of the Middle East Media Research Institute, al-Sheikh charged radical Islamists hold a similar, and even worse, ideology than radical Islam, and should be treated as Europeans coped with Nazism.

Right on! The libs like to throw that "Nazi" label around any time they don't like someone's views but here, at least, it is used appropriately.

In his first piece, al-Sheikh has some pointed words regarding a terrorist who had recently been released from prison:

The man is one of the forefathers of terrorism and he is the one who raised, through his books and radical interpretations, many of those belonging to terror groups.

They say a Jordanian court acquitted him of charges that include the blowing up of American facilities however, this dangerous terrorist did something much worse: he seized upon the down-and-out situation of many Muslim youths today in order to perpetuate violence, murder and destruction forever. In order to plant deep roots for the idea of suicide and to incite kids to commit suicide."

This is the root of the problem, said al-Sheikh.

Aaaaah... nothing like fresh air... Just a few more bold souls like al-Sheikh could well provide the spark that is needed to set off a blaze of rational thought across the Muslim community.

In the meantime he and his like-minded colleagues would be wise to sleep with one eye open...