Saturday, August 13, 2005

Go home, Cindy

Reuters reports that President Bush got his first glimpse of the Cindy Sheehan and her un-merry band of unemployed kooksters as his motorcade passed by them on Friday:

When Bush's black sport utility vehicle carried him past the site to a Republican fund-raiser, the protest leader, Cindy Sheehan, whose son was one of the nearly 1,850 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq, held up a sign that said: "Why do you make time for donors and not for me?"

Other signs said: "Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam," "Bring Them Home Now" and "Meet With Cindy."

The protest vigil began last Saturday and is being led by Sheehan, who has been demanding a meeting with Bush to discuss her opposition to the Iraq war.

I've noticed that a lot of conservative commentators when talking about Sneehan feel the need to qualify what they are about to say by making it clear that they sympathize with what she is going through. I'm not going to do that here. She may have experienced genuine grief after her son first died but it has now been replaced with a hollow imitation of itself that is, in a word, monstrous.

Spare us the melodrama and go home, Mrs. Sheehan. You remind me of a child who sits in the middle of the floor crying and then peeks up periodically to make sure everyone is watching. You have done immeasurable harm to the morale of the men and women serving overseas and now your own family has made it publicly known that you are harming them as well. But above all, you are harming the legacy of your son who is among the many thousands of men in our nation's history who have died, ironically, to protect your right to do what you are doing now.

Incidentally, Reuters failed to mention that there is also a counter-protest being held near the site of this vigil, made up of people who support Bush and the war efforts. I guess there just wasn't enough room in the story for that.