Monday, August 08, 2005

Former Oil-For-Food Chief Sevan Resigns

NewsMax reports that Benon Sevan, former chief of the Iraq oil-for-food program resigned Sunday, a day before the anticipated Volker report implicating him in the scandal was to be released. He had some rather choice words for his pal Kofi in the resignation letter:

"As I predicted, a high-profile investigative body invested with absolute power would feel compelled to target someone and that someone turned out to be me," Sevan wrote in the letter. "The charges are false, and you, who have known me for all these years, should know that they are false."

Looking at the evidence, the former chief did seem to benefit from the program in rather unsavory ways. However, Sevan also knows about the other oily fingerprints that are on this scandal and that he is about to become what we call here in America "the fall guy". His ensuing ordeal is sure to be a very lonely one.

Kofi, on the other hand, will put Scott Hamilton to shame as he skates lithely away to the tune of "Freebird".

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