Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Feinstein piles it on liberally

Speaking at the L.A. County Bar Association today, the lovely Senator Diane Feinstein hinted at a possible John Roberts rejection as she graced us with her astute wisdom about the qualities that make a good judge:

Feinstein told those gathered to hear her at a meeting of the L.A. County Bar Association that in her opinion the person chosen to replace Sandra Day O'Connor should be "balanced and Fair," and not come from either extreme.

She then proceeded to give a history lesson to those gathered, adding that the U.S. Constitution is "very specific in laying out how a Supreme Court nominee is chosen."

She said, rather forcefully, "Pursuant to the Advice and Consent clause, the president proposes, and the Senate disposes."

Nice rhyme. Has sort of a Jesse Jackson cadence to it.

Does that mean she is predisposed to dispose of John Roberts?

She also reminded listeners that the Senate has rejected 27 of the 148 proposed judges to the Supreme Court since the founding of our nation - "almost 20 percent!" she gloated.

Remember folks, it was Bill Frist who gave her these bragging rights because he was afraid to pull the trigger when he had the chance.

Feinstein then continued her history lesson, gladdening the hearts of judicial activists everywhere by extolling the virtues of the Supreme Court's rulings that have shaped "the will and the culture of this nation in ways that are everlasting and profound."

That pretty much sums up the way liberal lawmakers view we the people. We are malleable pieces of dumb clay waiting to be molded into something useful by the elite. And to think old Tom Jefferson wanted us to have the power. Silly Tom.