Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Congress takes us for a ride on their hog

Car horns became silent and traffic jams across the USA became a thing of the past today as President Bush signed a $286 billion transportation bill into law. The President signed the bill in front of the Caterpillar Plant in Montgomery, IL. I was unable to find a picture of the Caterpillar plant, so here instead is a caterpillar on a plant:

The bill introduces 6,000 new pet projects that we are told we couldn't do without. This includes $231 million for a new bridge in House Transportation Committee Chairman Don Young's district to be called -- appropriately --"Don Young's Way". Several other things went Don Young's way today as well, with his state of Alaska receiving a total of $941 million to improve it's massive highway infrastructure. Did I mention he was House Transportation Committee Chairman?

In all, some $24 billion worth of pork was included in this bill. Now I sometimes like to put these things in layman's terms for my readers as a service to them. So to make this thing crystal clear let us use a pig analogy. Let's say you have some pigs... a whole bunch of pigs... really fat dirty sloppy ones... and lets say each one of those little oinkers is worth about $3 billion. Following this so far? Now, if you took 8 billion of those pigs and laid them side by side........ well.... you would have way too much time on your hands and a lot of angry pigs.

But that aside, my congressman assures me this was a much needed bill and I, for one, would happily forgo my tax cut to free up the money for a few more of these honey-baked hams in the coming years. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Don Young is House Transportation Committee Chairman?

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