Tuesday, August 16, 2005


CNSNews reports that Sen. Chucky Schumer has a new plan as head of the DSCC to win back the Senate for the Democrats. In a fund-raising email he details a highly selective strategy which will involve running "the smartest and nimblest campaigns our party has ever seen,"

"I will be watching each and every race to determine precisely where and when our resources will help Democratic candidates win," DSCC Chair Schumer says in the email message.

Democrats will spend resources only on races they can win, Schumer promises: "I won't give a dime to campaigns that do not have the tools and staff they need to build a successful campaign infrastructure. Our strategy is to win elections and take our country back by putting resources in the states that will do the most good," he writes.

And the rest of you schmucks can flap in the wind!

As we read on we learn that Schumer has already hand-picked his golden boy for PA:

For example, Schumer says he "personally recruited Bob Casey," a Pennsylvania Democrat who is expected to run a close race against conservative Republican Sen. Rick Santorum.

"Keystone State voters are ready to reject Santorum for putting right-wing causes ahead of mainstream Pennsylvania priorities," Schumer writes. He says the DSCC has been "working daily with the Casey campaign to develop world-class fundraising and message strategies."

Translation: "We're teaching this puppet to sing and dance, baby!"

But Chuckie isn't just setting his sights on conservative Republicans... he plans to hunt some RINOs as well:

Even liberal Republicans are targets: Schumer says he knows Democrats can beat Sen. Lincoln Chafee "because he has consistently supported the far right agenda in Washington after casting himself as a moderate back home. I will make sure we have the tools and resources we will need to beat Chafee in November," Schumer writes.

I'll bet you five Lincoln pennies that Chafee switches sides the minute he hears Chuckie rustling in the bushes. And I'll bet you five more that is exactly what Schumer wants to happen. Nothing would change except the letter falling after his name but that "D" is crucial. All it takes are six of them for Dems to be running the show again.

But Chuck overlooks one key point -- with all the money he plans to rain down upon his chosen ones, the Dems still do not have a message. There is hardly a single issue where their beliefs fall in line with the mainstream so they are left having to lie about what they believe to even stand a chance.

Throw a bunch of money into a big lie and all you get is a big expensive lie.