Sunday, August 07, 2005

Candy Crowley: Hillary Seen as 'Goddess'

NewsMax brings us this new nugget of mythology surrounding Hillary Clinton:

2008 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is considered a "goddess" in Democratic Party circles, CNN's Candy Crowley reported Saturday.

"I honestly hear the word 'goddess' attached to her," Crowley told fellow CNN'er Joe Johns, who asked her to survey the 2008 political landscape.

"She's kind of this – she doesn't have to show up in New Hampshire for another three-and-a-half years, because she's such a presence there," Crowley continued to gush.

In the next breath Crowley seemed at a loss for words to explain the awe-inspiring power of Sen. Clinton's charisma.

"I mean, she is, you know, again, she, like McCain on the Republican side, they already have – look, they already have names, they already have networks. They don't need to be [in New Hampshire] right now. It's the insurgents that need to be in there now."

Fear not mortals. Should the Dem Deity achieve omnipotence in 2008, there will be ways to appease her. For instance, to mitigate her wrath, it is suggested that we place our monetary tributes upon the altar, where they will be swiftly consumed.

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