Wednesday, August 10, 2005

But does it have a crossword puzzle?

From MEMRI we get the news that the Great East Islamic Raiders Front is publishing a new magazine called Kaide (Turkish for Al-Qaeda). The fun-filled weekly keeps it's loyal readers up to date on the latest beheadings, suicide bombings, and other heroic exploits along with the latest gossip on jihad legends such as bin Laden and Zarqawi. More info:

The Turkish weekly Tempo interviewed Kaide executive Ali Osman Zor in Kaide' s offices in the Kasimpasa neighborhood of Istanbul. Following are excerpts: [3]

"[…] Even the plain fact that Al-Qaeda has an office in Kasimpasa, in the middle of Istanbul, where they publish this [Kaide] magazine, is frightening. Despite the publishers' claim that they only have 'emotional ties' with Al-Qaeda, the entire Kaide magazine is formatted like an Al-Qaeda bulletin. On the London attacks, their headline read 'Al-Qaeda is Liberating the World,' and many pages are dedicated to statements by Al-Qaeda. The Kaide magazine boasts of the beheadings in Afghanistan and Iraq by saying 'the jihad fighters continue to behead!' and all its pages are filled with frightening statements and threats. Kaide also shows the ties between IBDA-C […] and Al-Qaeda.

"IBDA-C leader Salih Mirzabeyoglu [Salih Izzet Erdis] is serving a life sentence which is a commutation of a death sentence. The staff of the Kaide magazine is made up of convicts who served long prison terms for their affiliation with IBDA-C, and were released under the government's 'general pardon.'

"[…] Ali Osman Zor speaks of Osama bin Laden and Zarqawi as 'heroes,' saying that the London attacks that killed over 50 people were 'acts of revenge for Allah,' and claims that former ANAP MP Mehmet Kececiler has met with bin Laden. [4]

I'd just love to see the classified section. Here is the first question from the interview:

Tempo: "Does Kaide magazine have relations with the Al-Qaeda organization?"

Kaide: "Even if we had ties with Al-Qaeda, given the present legal structure, I don't think you would expect from us such a declaration. But Allah has declared in the Koran that all Muslims are brothers. You can include in this circle of brotherhood, our Al-Qaeda brothers, our Hamas brothers and all our brothers who are with Zarqawi, the legendary fighter in Iraq. The people in the Kaide magazine are members of the IBDA thought and action movement. Our leader Salih Mirzabeyoglu is being held in a three-meter cell. Our souls are tied with Al-Qaeda. We do not deny this tie. We are honored to have this tie."

The rest can be found at the link below:

‘Kaide’ (‘Al-Qaeda’) Magazine Published Openly in Turkey

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