Friday, August 12, 2005

Bubba's guess is as good as ours

NewsMax reports that Former President Bill Clinton has weighed in with his take on THE WIFE's White House aspirations:

Responding to attacks by just-announced Republican Senate hopeful Jeanine Pirro, who warns that Hillary plans to abandon New York to run for president, Bill Clinton said in a televised interview that his wife "is not a candidate for the White House," adding, "I don't know that she will be.

[...]"We have a rule in our family that I always followed and now she does: Don't look past the next election or you might not get past the next election.

"So I'm convinced in my own mind that she hasn't decided on that. I believe I would know if she had."

Convinced in his own mind? So he's left to figure it out just like everybody else? I guess there's not much pillow-talk going on in that household these days.

Full story:

Bill Clinton: Hillary May Not Run for President

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