Thursday, August 11, 2005

Blair to extremists: buh bye

Wasting little time since last week's announcement, Prime Minister Tony Blair has begun implementing his promised terror smackdown. British authorities have now detained 10 foreigners including the Palestinian cleric Omar Mahmoud Abu Omar, better known as Abu Qatada (and known to his friends as "Qattie" which in Arabic means "silly-looking beard"). The controversial Qatada has long been thought to be Osama bin Laden's "spiritual ambassador in Europe" and has generated much controversy for his public praise of terrorist activities.

The 10 foreigners detained have been served with a "notice of intention to deport" which if not heeded will result in a further "notice of intention to place a swift combat boot into your hindquarters".

In Lebanon, security officials also arrested radical cleric Omar Bakri (which in Arabic means "silly-looking glasses") who was in exile from London after having lived there 20 years. Bakri was the founder of the Islamic al-Muhajiroun which fell under suspicion in Britain after it's members praised the Sept. 11 attacks.

FoxNews has the full story:

British Plan to Deport 10 Foreigners

"These glasses mean I am intelligent and distinguished."

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