Friday, August 05, 2005

The Blair Smackdown

Tony Blair has had it -- and he's taking no more guff from politically-correct human-rights weenies in the aftermath of the recent London attacks. Reuters reports that Blair has introduced sweeping new anti-terrorist measures which include banning terrorist organizations from his country, closing mosques that preach violence and deporting Islamic radicals.

Saying the landscape had changed since last month's London bombings, the prime minister announced plans to ban two Islamist groups and bring in new powers to expel or exclude foreign nationals who incite violence or glorify terrorism.

"The first batch of deportation orders will begin shortly. Let no-one be in any doubt -- the rules of the game are changing," Blair told a news conference.

Get `em Mr. Blair! The rules have indeed changed as Americans have already learned (and too many of them have forgotten) after September 11. More than ever before, Blair understands the nature of the enemy he is facing. And he is not just going to sit there and sip tea while terrorists grow and thrive like earthworms in the British soil.

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