Monday, August 15, 2005

Big Brother is watching the blogosphere

In a chilling account of an activist judge who didn't like the heat, it appears that a blogger has been arrested on a secret indictment:

Former Ohio attorney Elsebeth Baumgartner and the editor of a news blog, Bryan DuBois of Sandusky, Ohio, have been charged with intimidation and retaliation because a judge filed a complaint against them, claiming that he was intimidated by them and their charges of judicial corruption.

However, it appears that it is the Ohio officials who should be charged, not only in the alleged corruption that the pair have been reporting and spotlighting, but in abusing the criminal justice system to intimidate and retaliate against their critics.

Dr. Baumgartner has been a long-time critic of Ohioan government, both local and state, alleging massive federal and state grant fraud as well as abuses of power by public officials, particularly Erie County district attorney Kevin Baxter and numerous judges in northern Ohio. Baumgartner teamed up with DuBois in the publication of Erie Voices, www.erievoices.com/blog, a website that publishes articles and opinion alleging misconduct by public officials in several northern Ohio counties including Cuyahoga, Erie, Lucas and Ottawa.

We don't think it was any coincidence that they were arrested on a secret indictment the day after they served a federal lawsuit against Robert Taft, Governor of Ohio and other Ohio officials.

The rest of the editorial by June Maxam can be found here:

Ohio Case Showcases Judicial Tyranny At Its Worst