Thursday, August 18, 2005

9/11 families say it's time for some REAL hearings

If we are learning anything from Able Danger it is that the 9/11 Commission is an absolute joke. To leave out not just a key piece of information but THE key piece of information that answers the big question they were supposedly there to answer is simply inexcusable. Now NewsMax tells us that some of the 9/11 families want a new investigation... and a new commission to do the investigating:

"I’m angry that my son's death could have been prevented," Diana Horning, whose son was killed at the World Trade Center, told the New York Post.

"It outrages me because it's taken four years to come out."

Horning and other family members of 9/11 victims are up in arms over the disclosure that the elite military intelligence unit "Able Danger" had identified Mohamed Atta and three other Sept. 11 hijackers more than a year before the attacks, but military lawyers stopped the unit from sharing that information with the FBI.

"I don't think you can understate the significance here," Mindy Kleinberg, a member of the Sept. 11 Advocates, a coalition of family members, told the Post.

"You're talking about the four lead hijackers. If we shared information and did surveillance on them, there is no telling what we could have uncovered and what we could have thwarted.

"I think we do need a new commission, and that's really sad."

Yes we do. And the first two subpoenas need to have the names Gorelick and Berger on them.