Friday, July 29, 2005

Study Links Aspartame To Cancer

From CBS News. Didn't you just know this was coming?:

(WebMD) A study of rats links low doses of aspartame -- the sweetener in NutraSweet, Equal, and thousands of consumer products -- to leukemia and lymphoma.

Good thing I'm not a rat.

But food industry officials point out that many other studies have found no link between aspartame and cancer.

So this story has just canceled itself out. But we'll read on:

A consumer watchdog group, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, has called for FDA action. At a minimum, the FDA should start its own studies and warn consumers of the potential danger, says CSPI Executive Director Michael F. Jacobson, PhD.

"The U.S. government really should analyze this study very carefully. If it is accepted as top quality, it could lead to a ban on aspartame," Jacobson tells WebMD.

I bet he couldn't hide the boyish giddiness in his voice as he was saying this.

Meanwhile, I think consumers should switch to Splenda, the sweetener known as sucralose."

That is, until he finds something wrong with that one as well. This is all such a bunch of cheezewhiz. Aspartame is harmless and I refuse to listen to a bunch of ninnies from the Center for Science in the Public Interest telling me what I should and shouldn't put into my body. Read Snopes.com's article on aspartame for a good synopsis on the studies that have been published to date.

It's just annoying when people get in your business like that. How appropriate that the study he references comes from a place called Balogna. At a certain point you have to decide that certain things are an acceptable risk and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!