Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rice Asked About Bolton

Newsmax has an article detailing the Democrat's latest attempt to knock John Bolton out of commission. On Wednesday, Sen. Joseph Biden asked in a letter to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice whether the nominee for UN ambassador had recently testified to a grand jury regarding the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity.

In a letter to Rice, Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., referenced an MSNBC report from July 21 that Bolton was among State Department undersecretaries who "gave testimony" about a classified memo that has become an important piece of evidence in the leak investigation.

This all centers around the questionnaire that Bolton was required to fill out for his confirmation hearings in which he claimed that he had not been interviewed in any investigations recently:

Part of the questionnaire Bolton filled out in March asked him whether he was "interviewed or asked to supply any information in connection with any administrative (including an inspector general), congressional or grand jury investigation within the past five years."

"He indicated in his form that he had not," said Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.

She said it is unclear whether Bolton lied on his questionnaire because senators do not know if he testified before or after he signed the document - or at all.

Notice the "or at all" that she threw in. Boxer is doing some hedging here because she knows that the only source for their information is MSNBC. Suffice to say, the mainstream media lately has had a believability factor just a little above - say - Weekly World News. Leftist or not, she still has the sense not to put everything on that one horse.

So would it have any bearing on Bolton's ability to serve as ambassador if it turns out he did testify? Probably not. But the objective here is not to weigh his qualifications. It is to get the nomination tossed before congress goes on their month-long break.

The Dems are in a panic because they know that once the Senate is out of session, there is nothing stopping President Bush from installing Bolton to the post on a temporary basis, which would mean he stays on as ambassador until late 2006. That, of course, takes the filibuster out of the equation. Oh what a helpless feeling that would be, to not be able to utilize their faithful old weapon. Go for it W!