Friday, July 29, 2005

Report: All Four 7/21 London Suspects in Custody

Foxnews reports that all four suspects in last weeks bombing attempts in London have been arrested. One man was nabbed earlier this week and the other three were rounded up in an early afternoon raid. Get em' London! In at least one case, explosives and gas cannisters were used to draw the suspect out:

Steve Purl, a former Scotland Yard team leader, said police likely used explosive entry to get into the building, but "for whatever reason, they can't go any further." The suspect may have barricaded himself inside the premises, Purl added.

Purl said any gas canisters that may have been thrown inside the building consist of high-decibel sounds aimed at disorienting people inside. He said using gas to gain entry in such situations is "somewhat extreme."

"It looks most professional … it's a remarkable set of developments for Britain," former CIA Director James Woolsey (search) told FOX News. "It looks like the Brits are turning on the heat and 'bravo.'"

Bravo indeed. This is how you deal with these guys -- you do whatever it takes.

For those who are against profiling, here are pictures of the four suspects:

I'll let you draw your own conclusions.