Saturday, July 30, 2005

Just your everyday FROZEN LAKE ON MARS!

Maybe I am out of touch with the world. Maybe people are too busy or have simply become too jaded to appreciate the universe around them. But for those who still have a thimbleful of wonder left in them, take a look at this amazing picture snapped from the Mars Express:

No this is not one of those artist's depictions and yes that is a lake of ice in a Martian crater. Absolutely mind-blowing!

So why did this image not make it to the front page of every major newspaper? Why is the media so apathetic to such monumental discoveries? I think I have an idea why -- and I think I have a remedy. Using some of my advanced graphic enhancement tools and algorithms (okay Photoshop) I have taken the liberty of doctoring the picture up a bit to make it more attractive to the mainstream media:

Once the MSM sees the mysterious image of Karl Rove in the Martian ice, they'll immediately want to know 1. how it got there 2. how long has Bush known about "the face" 3. will the President fire Mr. Rove for uglifying this pristine planet with his evil conservative visage.

Ummm, oh yeah, for those who are really interested in the real lake if ice, you can find the story here.