Friday, July 22, 2005

Estradafication (and why it won't work with Roberts)

A Washington Times story today suggests that the confirmation of John Roberts may not go as smoothly as we have been led to believe.
Democrats said yesterday they will demand that the Bush administration hand over internal legal memorandums written by Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr. while he was a government lawyer -- something the White House has refused to do in the past.
Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, said he broached the topic during a meeting yesterday with Judge Roberts, who replied that any decision about his writings as deputy solicitor general would be made by the White House.
Republicans on Capitol Hill said the request is not likely to be granted.
Demands for those same documents -- deemed legally privileged by this and previous administrations -- led to the rejection of Miguel Estrada, an earlier Bush nominee to a lower court.
Democrats have used this tactic to stall the nomination of John R. Bolton, Mr. Bush's nominee for ambassador to the United Nations.
Some Republicans said yesterday that the demands may be early signs of a stealth campaign by Democrats to kill the Supreme Court nomination by demanding documents they know they won't get -- a strategy one Republican termed "Estradification."
"This tactic was first fielded against Miguel Estrada, recently perfected with the nomination of John Bolton, and now some are fully primed to Estradify this fine nominee," said Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I actually hope they try to Estradafy Roberts. It would represent a new low in their political shenanigans and they would end up looking like dirty little grubworms. But before they raise a big public stink over the release of Roberts' memorandums they would be wise to consider one thing - appearance, shallow as it may seem, plays a big role in the political world.

Let's look at Roberts. He is a young, tan, clean-cut, outgoing, charismatic man and that is going to play well with the public once the hearings start to air. Not that any of this matters a hill of Dixie Chicks cd's as far as his qualifications for the job go, but what I'm saying is that with those nice-guy looks and his stellar resume, the Democrats are really going to be showing their warts if they try to filibuster this man. So pleeeease try it. I dare you!

Hey, the past backs me up on this. I mean, let's face it, Bork was not an...er..attractive man. Qualified? Eminently qualified. But that unkempt hair, those shifty eyes...he looked like one of those mug-shots you always see on Court-TV's "Forensic Files" - the guy who had three previous wives who all were mysteriously electrocuted in the bathtub. And Bolton? Eminently qualified, yes. But that mustache - that big, bushy, mean mustache - and those eyebrows, and that long wiry face. Geez, his man looks like he would dress down a staff member (never mind that the staff member probably deserved it and that we need just such a personality to deal with the shady thugs at the UN).

So I rest my case. And I ask the Senate Democrats once again..Pleeease filibuster John G. Roberts. I beg you!